There is always something to be grateful for 💎

Because to smile and see the camera is too mainstream.

Pouch of happiness ! Handmade 🙌

Suddenly, I found you. Hey, I don’t even know since 2 years ago it’s you’re called dream catcher 🎐

SERVIAM !! Almost 9 years ago 🕑, since 2006, we learn how to love and to be loved, how to give and forgive, and how to be a good friends, brothers and sisters no matter where and how you’re. 👫👭👬🎼📚🎨🎮🏀🍭 (at Santa Maria 2 Junior High School)

Verse that always strenghten me 👼✨

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you." (Isaiah 60:1). Let the vision of God will always live in my life in 2014.

Happy, happy Christmas every people in the world ! Live christmas everyday with share our blessings, cheerful, joyful and love. God bless you all 🎄🎅🎉💝

Happy 44th Birthday and happy momma day my SUPER Momma ! Really glad to have you in my life. May God always bless you more and stay young! Love you 💋💖👪👼🎂 (at HOME)

Finally done! DKV 1 final assignment - Batu Secret Zoo Map and Brochure redesign 😭😁

Computer 1 - Final Assignment

New look of CLOVART 🍀✨

CLOVART Web design - someday 👼✨💖

Tadaammm! Like a twins 💖👭✨